Customizable Button Pack -part2

Greetings Everyone

This is 2nd blog for Custom Button Pack for Unity 3D.


In last blog I just gave you brief about this package. This is my first project in which I have to use editor scripts so it was challenging in fact it still is. And there were some unity UI bugs for which I have found some workaround.

So currently there is just one button prefab which can be added under canvas.


You can pick any button from predefined library & you can change color of button in editor. you can’t edit intractable property of button directly but have to use intractable property of the custom button script in editor as well as in coding.


As you might already know, this package works best when button transition is color tint, you can’t use sprite swap transition and with limited testing I am hoping it will work on Animation transition as well but I can’t give any assurance at this point of time.

So now I am looking for feedback of overall pack but most importantly I want to know what kind of buttons

  1. must be included
  2. may be included
  3. will be bonus for this pack

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